Building from sourcesΒΆ

GPU Fan Meister is available as a ready-made build for Linux, but it is also possible to build everything from source manually.

Instructions for building on Linux:

  1. Custom build of Qt with special patches and additional libraries is used. Qt's automatic build script for Linux can be found in the repository:

  2. Clone the main repository with the submodules:

    git clone --recursive

  3. The system must have a developer package for the libnotify library installed. For example, for Ubuntu, it's the libnotify-dev package.

  4. If you want to eventually pack everything in AppImage, you need appimagetool installed in your system.

  5. If you also want to build a nvidia-nvml plugin, then NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit must be installed in the system. For example, for Ubuntu it's nvidia-cuda-dev package.

  6. Further instructions can be found in the file in the cloned repository.