Command line parametersΒΆ

GPU Fan Meister supports the following command line parameters:

  • --plugins - allows you to specify a list of plugins, which will be used to work with video cards. If the parameter is not set, the plugins that were last selected in the "Enabled plugins" window will be used. The list of these plugins can be displayed through the --enabled-plugins parameter. If the parameter is omitted, and no plugins have been selected before, the "Enabled plugins" window will appear.

  • --available-plugins - display the list of available installed plugins one per line. It does not check whether these plugins can actually be loaded. For each plugin, its folder will also be displayed.

  • --enabled-plugins - display the list of plugins, last selected in the "Enabled plugins" window. In other words, these plugins will be loaded if you omit the --plugins parameter. For each plugin, its folder will also be displayed.

  • --plugin-selector - show the "Enabled plugins" window. After closing the window, the program will exit.

  • --html-help - start the browser and open the full application manual (you are reading now).

  • --load-qml - download all GUI files and then exit the program. This option is for internal use only.

  • -v or --version - show the name and version of the application.

  • -h or --help - show help on command line parameters.