Main windowΒΆ

In the main window of GPU Fan Meister you can select and configure the desired mode for each video card. The window can be divided into the following parts (top-down):

  • The main menu. Contains the following items:

    • Application

      • Settings... - open the window with general application settings.

      • Select plugins... - open the window "Enabled plugins".

      • Exit - exit the application.

    • About

      • About Qt... - information about the version of the Qt library used to make GPU Fan Meister (

      • About plugins... - information about currently loaded plugins. There will be no plugins in this list that were deactivated due to some error.

      • About GPU Fan Meister... - a short summary of GPU Fan Meister.

  • Tabs with video card names. Used to select a video card for which you want to select and configure its mode.

  • Mode switches. Allow you to select the current video card mode. The mode changes immediately, without pressing the "Save" button.

  • Mode settings. The major part of the main application window is occupied by settings of the selected mode. All changes are applied immediately, without pressing the "Save" button ("script mode" restarts the script only on request). To cancel unsaved changes, you need to press the "Cancel" button.

  • Buttons:

    • Device options... - open the window "Device options".

    • Cancel - Cancels all unsaved mode settings changes.

    • Save - saves all settings displayed in the main window for all video cards.